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What is the SafetyFirst Hotline program?


The program uses concerned motorist’s testimonies to alert Safety Mangers about potentially dangerous situations and to schedule tailored training for the affected driver.  Fleets using this early warning alert and follow up training (provided with the alert report) have documented dramatic reductions in collisions.

How Does It Work?


The program begins when individually numbered decals are installed on the company vehicles. These decals are uniquely matched to your company’s vehicle information and enable motorists to report on unusual driver activity (compliment or complaint).

The decals state “Safety Is My Goal” to demonstrate a positive public image.  As calls are screened for details, a report is compiled, audited and sent out from our system to the Safety Manager.  Coaching and training tools are attached to help conduct a positive, safety focused interview with each affected driver

How does it make a difference?


By compassionately intervening with drivers to provide coaching and re-training, crashes are avoided.  Both insurance carriers and private fleets have validated accident reductions ranging from 20% to 31% within the first year of applying our decals.


How will my drivers accept this program?


Your drivers best interests (zero injuries) are the basis of implementing the program.  Our welcome kit materials include driver reference guides, and sample memos that can be tailored to introduce your drivers to the program.  As long as they understand what to expect from the program (training and coaching to avoid injuries) they have nothing to fear.


What kind of reporting is provided?


  • Individual motorist observation reports are emailed (or faxed) within an hour of each call being received.  This allows time for our quality control team to audit the report (reviewing recordings, checking details, etc.)
  • Driver Safety Fact Sheets are attached to motorist observation reports to aid in coaching sessions
  • Monthly, a driver training package is sent for your use with all drivers (to keep them on the right road for safety)
  • Monthly, an interactive summary report is sent to cover previous activity and highlight trends in behaviors.