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We have prepared a series of Driver Training Topics that can be used for short safety talks, classroom presentations or may simply be distributed to drivers for their review. The topics focus on types of collisions and the safe driving practices that are commonly recognized to help avoid these collisions. Some of the topics include:

  • Drowsy Driving
  • Intersection Collisions
  • Pedestrian Collisions
  • Red Light Running

To access a sample select this link: Click Here to Preview a Sample or you can access directly from the Home Page under "Monthly Driver Training Packages Included!


Monthly Driver Training Packages


"Ten-Minute Training Topics" -- Intended to be reminders/refreshers for experienced professionals, these are very focused with lots of detail and help drivers stay on course.


Cost – The cost for this service is included as part of our Safety Hotline program: however annual subscriptions to this are available at $550 per fleet.


This is receiving the Training Topics ONLY


The program has been very well received and we have sold multiple subscriptions. Fleets that cannot or will not use our safety hotline program purchase these. The archives of past topics are maintained at our web site, so that interested clients may log in and download additional topics to suit their current safety program emphasis.

The packets are delivered by email on a monthly basis which include:

  • A “how to” guide for managers to prepare safety talks or more formal presentations to groups of employees.
  • A two page handout for drivers to read during or after a presentation on that topic (these can be distributed to employees in a lieu of a formal meeting, but we strongly encourage face to face meetings whenever possible)
  • A safety poster for the company bulletin board (8.5 inches by 11 inches in size). The poster is attached to the driver handout sheets in case these are simply distributed to the employees, and to further reinforce the essential elements of the topic.
  • Managers Supplement provides additional information tailored to the manager:

Enables the manager to be perceived as “expert” by drivers   since he/she may offer additional insight.

     Encourages the manager to review and align their policies with driving issue

     (ie. Cell phone policy in place and enforced?)

Engages the audience by offering news stories related to video.

  • Power Point presentations to facilitate classroom sessions

          (two versions – Graphics and one with no graphics)