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“We’ve seen a substantial reduction in crashes and violations.  Because of it [the reduction in actual crashes/claims] our insurance company approached us about lowering our rates.  It led us to a reduction in insurance premiums of $20,000 per year…we’ve taken that savings and given it back to employees as bonuses or put it into their pension fund.  They obviously like that. … We went through this whole winter without one accident.  I don’t think that’s a coincidence.”


Director of Facility Management

Social Services Provider (115 Buses and Vans)



“We started with the SafetyFirst program two years ago. We had between five to seven accidents on the books at any one time, out of a fleet of 77 rubber-tire vehicles. Six months into the program, we had zero accidents. A year later, we still had zero accidents.  I couldn’t believe it. We haven’t had an accident since we started the program.”


Safety Director
Utility construction firm with 70+ vehicles




"We chose SafetyFirst’s program after an extensive evaluation of the system's capabilities and ability to meet our needs...Our staff has found the program easy to use and easy to learn."

Director of Safety
Intermodal Trucking firm with over 1200 operators



“I have to confess, I had some initial concerns about the program; the reduced accident numbers being projected seemed overwhelmingly optimistic, and I was worried that my field management staff would fail to support the program as needed to see results.  Now that we have worked together for several months, I want to report that my concerns were overcome by your team’s effective communication with our field managers…[and] to summarize our results, I am happy to report that within our 400 unit fleet:


  1. Our accidents are down 15-20%
  2. The field has bought into the program (measured by their closeout of reports and coaching of affected drivers)
  3. We reward drivers when they are complimented and this really enhances the program.


Fleet Safety Director

Bulk Gas Distributor (400+ trucks)


We use SafetyFirst as a positive reinforcement of our safety policy...I have never had a negative reaction when meeting with a driver about a SafetyFirst report."


Director of Corporate Safety
60+ Tractor Trailers handling expedited freight movements


"SafetyFirst remains flexible and dedicated to our needs…a service that often exceeds our organization’s expectations...It is our experience that the positive results of proper program implementation (measured in reduced vehicle accidents and their related expenses) surpass the direct annual expense of the program."


Vice President of Safety

National Construction Firm with 2000+ drivers